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Home Loan Application Process

Now that your have identified the need for a home or investment Loan, there are an number of steps required to facilitate the request. The process is generally consistent with most loans and timeframes could depend slightly in self-employed or mortgage insurance scenarios. At Reliance Mortgage Group we will work closely with you to make the process a smooth as possible.

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The steps to finance are noted below:

Step 1 – Initial interview with Reliance Mortgage Group will be a fact finding opportunity to better understand the finance needs, the features you’re looking for in your loan, borrowing capacity and identifying the right lender which can support your financial requirements. We will provide you with a detailed list of information required to process your application.

Step 2 – You will be asked to provide the required documentation and we’ll assist with the completion of your loan application to get it ready for processing with a lender.

Step 3 – Will gather the information and submit your loan request to the selected lender to ensure it meets their approval criteria’s.

Step 4 – Lender assesses the application and supporting documentation and provide a conditional loan approval. Reliance Mortgage Group will advise you of the lenders decision. This could be subject to conditions, e.g., valuation or other supporting documentation required by the lender.

Step 5 – Lender has discretion depending on loan size to rely on the contract price, alternatively the lender will arrange for a property valuation. The valuer will contact you the arrange access or if the property is tenanted will contact your agent to arrange access at a convenient time with your tenant.

Step 6 – Completed valuation is then returned to the Lender. Once the Lender is satisfied that all conditions of approval are met, they will issue a formal loan offer.

Step 7 – Lender will be prepare the loan documents and will either forward directly to you or to Reliance Mortgage Group depending on the initial instructions or Lender requirement.

Step 8 – Will arrange to meet with you the review the loan documentation and execute the loan them accordingly.

Step 9 – Will forward the loan documentation to the Lender and arrange settlement instructions with the Lender, solicitor or conveyancer to ensure settlement is delivered within the required time frames.

Step 10 – Will be contact with you within 24 hours to complete a post settlement review to ensure the process has met your expectations