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Why Consider Refinancing?

To refinance is a relatively simple process and there are many reason why you may want to choose this option:-

  • To obtain a better rate of interest
  • To reduce your loan fees/charges
  • To lower monthly loan repayments
  • Look to increase your loan, substitute or release of equity 

Reliance Mortgage Group will provide an obligation free service to compare the home loans available in the market across a panel of lenders to ensure to expectations are achieved. We take into account your needs and liaise with the panel of lenders to find best loan and rate offering to meet your needs.

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Some Refinancing Tips are:

  • You can save thousand by selecting a more appropriate loan.
  • By selecting the appropriate loan and lower interest rates, this could save thousands of your loan and reduce years off your loan.
  • Consolidation of your finances.

You can save money on your interest by choosing to consolidate your personal loan, credit cards, car loans to a lower interest rate. This will provide you a better way to manage your finances by reducing the amount facilities your currently have, whilst saving money and paying your loans off sooner.